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The crowd demanded that the kiss sequence between Song Joong Ki and the female lead be deleted at the same time.

According to Nielsen Korea data, episode 11 of the drama “Reborn Rich” aired on the evening of December 11 with an average countrywide rating of 21.1%. This feat also allows the picture to outperform cable programs in the same time slot in terms of audience numbers, as well as obtain the highest ratings since its debut.
In this episode, Jin Do Joon (Song Joong Ki) had difficulties when Miracle Investment was probed by the prosecution and publicized in the news for stock price manipulation. Jin Do Joon, on the other hand, effortlessly overcomes the difficulties set up by his uncle Jin Dong Gi (Jo Han Chul) in his past life. He even put Jin Dong Gi’s firm in a tough condition, forcing it to sell shares while investing in Miracle’s categories overseas but still losing money.
So, while Jin Yang Chul (Lee Sung Min) had great hopes for Soonyang and wanted to transfer it on to his son Dong Gi, when the firm collapsed, he recognized that this is simply an atypical son. talent. And the only person capable of succeeding Soonyang in his place is Jin Do Joon.
President Jin abruptly picked up his youngest grandchild and held a news conference at the conclusion of the program. When he stated that he would give over Soonyang Financial Group to Jin Do Joon, the automobile in which the two were seated was badly damaged.
This is also the point at which he realizes why he knows nothing about Jin Do Joon because he is dead. “Things that occurred in Yoon Hyun Woo’s other world… will undoubtedly happen again in Jin Do Joon’s universe,” Jin Do Joon concludes.
The love affair of Jin Do Joon and Seo Min Young (Shin Hyun Bin) continues to spark debate in the middle of a series of difficult confrontations. After being advised by his superiors to quit investigating Jin Hwa Young (Kim Shin Rok), prosecutor Seo met with Jin and informed him about his ordeal.
Min Young not only admitted to being a coward, but also claimed that Jin Do Joon lied to her because she expected her to become another prosecutor. In another development, when Seo Taiji – Min Young’s idol announced his comeback, as Do Joon had already said, she was moved once again. The two share a lovely kiss at a romantic moment. However, the bulk of the audience condemned the main couple’s moment as being too forced in comparison to the narrative.
This isn’t the first time Do Joon and Min Young’s romance has been discussed. The reason for this is because before, the two did not have much contact, since the female lead only appeared briefly during the first part of the show’s broadcast. Many fans even urged that actress Shin Hyun Bin’s broadcast time be reduced since they believed her presence marred the drama’s overall excellence.



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