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The curse that has been haunting Song Hye Kyo since her divorce from Song Joong Ki has finally been lifted.

The success of The Glory has helped Song Hye Kyo regain the public’s affection, after a long period of disappointment. This is not only a big step forward in the career of the famous actress, making her fans proud, but “The Glory” also proves Song Hye Kyo’s class, completely dispelling doubts about her acting and talent in the past.
In 2016, the movie “Descendants of the Sun” starring Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki was one of the most internationally acclaimed Korean films, with the strongest reach. Later, the Song-Song couple once again rocked the world media when they confirmed they were living together after a period of dating. Their “wedding of the century” was a coveted event that made many people feel envious.
However, their whirlwind marriage only lasted for 2 years, seemingly affecting the state of Song Hye Kyo’s personal life and career. After the divorce, the actress was constantly criticized for her inability to connect with male co-stars, resulting in a series of flopped works with poor ratings.
First, there was the collaboration with Park Bo Gum in “Encounter” in 2018. Contrary to expectations, both were criticized for not having “chemistry” when acting together. Later, due to rumors related to her personal life, it wasn’t until the end of 2021 that Song Hye Kyo returned to the small screen with “Now We Are Breaking Up,” co-starring with young actor Jang Ki Yong. However, their onscreen relationship continued to receive mixed reviews, with ratings declining in later episodes despite a promising start.
Facing a series of setbacks in her career, many people believed that Song Hye Kyo had emotional barriers following her divorce from Song Joong Ki. Moreover, many negative comments like “outdated,” “rating destroyer,” and “cursed” were constantly associated with her by netizens.
However, it can be said that “The Glory” has once again brought glory to Song Hye Kyo. Her striking beauty, captivating performance, and “crazy” acting in every frame as she portrayed the character Moon Dong Eun left a strong impression on international audiences. In addition, her interaction with co-star Lee Do Hyun was also well received.




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