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The embarrassing incident of Kris Wu was brought up again, once laughed at because he was too confident at the award event.

The Kris Wu sexual harassment scandal entered its first trial in June 2022 yesterday.
Previously, Du Meizhu reported to Wu Yifan about his sexual harassment act.
Du Meizhu claimed that Kris Wu sexually abused her as a minor.
Besides sexual harassment, Du Meizhu also exposed Wu Yifan’s other crimes.
Kris Wu is said to have committed gang rape, sex trafficking, drugs, and many others.
The number of crimes committed by Wu Yifan made the Beijing police immediately act to arrest him.
However, before the big scandal that befell Kris Wu came to him.
It turned out that Wu Yifan had many funny incidents while on stage.
One of them was when he almost took another actor award.
Quoting 38jiejie, at that time, Kris Wu was present at the Tencent Video event, namely All-Star Night 2020.
Wu Yifan appeared wearing a white shirt wrapped in a black tuxedo.
Kris Wu sat with Yang Mi, Li Xian, and Zhao Liying.
When they sat together, Yang Mi and Kris Wu were engrossed in playing.
Wu Yifan and Yang Mi seemed so close.
While playing fun, the MC announced the award for Best Artist of the Year 2020.
Hearing that, Yang Mi continued to ask if Kris Wu would be the winner.
“Is that you?” Yang Mi said to Kris Wu.
Wu Yifan answered Yang Mi’s question with a return question.
“Is that me?” he said.
However, Li Xian replied that Wang Yibo had obtained the award.
It’s a shame that Kris Wu is already very confident and getting ready to go on stage.
Because of this, Yang Mi got embarrassed because everyone laughed at them.



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