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The Emotional Moment When Song Hye Kyo Couldn’t Stop Crying at an Event.

Renowned long before the 2000s, Song Hye Kyo boasts an extensive filmography and has been a darling of many major brands. In addition to her successful career, the beautiful actress from the Song family also commands a massive and devoted fan base that spans both domestically and internationally. Every move she makes garners significant attention. Recently, netizens unexpectedly unearthed a series of special expressions from Song Hye Kyo during her attendance at a major award event in South Korea.

In particular, in 2011, Song Hye Kyo captured everyone’s attention when she was honored at the Women in Film Korea Awards 2011 as the Best Actress. It was known that she clinched this award through her remarkable performance in the film “A Reason To Live.” At that time, her former husband, Song Joong Ki, was at the peak of his career, being 29 years old.

Despite being a major star, the actress couldn’t hold back her emotions upon receiving this prestigious award. Notably, the lenses of the media captured the moment when she couldn’t stop crying after her name was announced, her eyes turning red and visibly swollen.

During her speech on the stage, Song Hye Kyo admitted that she had never imagined receiving such a significant award. Additionally, she vowed to continue honing her acting skills in the upcoming journey. At that time, numerous good wishes were sent to the multi-talented actress. Furthermore, her beauty was praised by the audience, as she maintained her charm even when shedding tears, and her fashion sense created a sensation due to its elegance.

It’s worth noting that Song Hye Kyo had not been particularly lucky when it came to awards, despite her involvement in numerous iconic projects. Moreover, the aforementioned award was in the field of cinema, which was not her forte. It wasn’t until later, with the success of “Descendants of the Sun” and “The Glory,” that Song Hye Kyo finally had the opportunity to make her mark on the prestigious stage of acting awards.

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