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The evidence shows that Song Joong Ki loves his wife and kids just as much as Hyun Bin.

Due to his appealing looks and varied and melancholic performance, Song Joong Ki is one of the performers that consistently garners the admiration and devotion of the general people. With the success of Reborn Rich, which will premiere at the end of 2022, fans are eagerly anticipating the renowned male star’s next ventures.
It is known that Song Joong Ki will be starring in three films in 2023, two of which have already been finished and are awaiting a release date, and one of which is now shooting and will likely be finished before he gives birth to his first kid.
The first film project is specifically named Bogota: City of the lost and was created by Soobak, Idio Plus, and filmmaker Kim Sung Jae. It belongs to the crime and drama genres. The character of Guk Hee, who emigrated to Colombia at the age of 19, is played by Song Joong Ki in this film. He will give a performance on his tumultuous journey from the margins of society to the top, where he now controls the business rights in Bogota. The movie is now in post-production and is scheduled to premiere in cinemas in September 2023.
Hwaran, a film project from Sanai Productions and HighZium Studio, has also finished shooting. Song Joong Ki portrays Chi Geon, the organization’s middle boss, who constantly supports and guides the film’s male hero, Yeon Kyu. While he seems frigid, he possesses an erratic warmth.
According to rumors, Song Joong Ki chose to assist in the film’s production rather than get payment for his appearance.
My name is Loh Ki Wan is the last piece of work that has to be finished. Song Joong Ki portrays Loh Ki Wan, a North Korean defector to Belgium who is accepted as a refugee and who struggles to make ends meet while fighting for their lives to remain in Belgium.
My name is Loh Ki Wan’s release date is still unknown, but given that production is expected to wrap up in the middle of this year, it is quite probable that Netflix will release the movie around the end of the year or at the start of the next one.
This indicates that Song Joong Ki will have a very busy year in 2023 due to the constant launching of movie projects. Several viewers were reminded of Hyun Bin, another father of Kbiz who is also well-known. When he consistently publishes and launches his film projects, Son Ye Jin’s spouse is now regarded as the most attractive guy in the nation. Nonetheless, with such a busy schedule that is also competitive, Song Joong Ki will undoubtedly be listed by netizens as one of the most devoted spouses in the entertainment industry.
The year 2023 also represents a significant turning point in Song Joong Ki’s life as he becomes a parent. As a result, the actor will have plenty of time to spend with his wife both before and after she gives birth. Yet, due to the busy pace of shooting and premieres, there won’t be many dramas produced and shown this year.



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