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Not as lucky as Hyun Bin, the fate of Son Ye Jin’s ‘first husband’ in the acting world is called undeveloped.

Son Ye Jin occupies the ranks of Korean artists with high popularity in various countries.
She has played in many successful drama series and films.
Two years after his debut in acting, Son Ye Jin took on a film project called ‘The Classic.’
The film is about the melodrama of the female lead Joo Hee, played by Son Ye Jin.
In the film, Joo Hee is a young woman from a wealthy family who falls in love with a poor man named Joon Ha (played by actor Cho Seung Woo).
Despite their beautiful and heartwarming love story, the couple is unable to overcome the difference in social status.
Joo Hee is forced to marry Joon Ha’s best friend, Yoon Tae Su, who comes from a wealthy family.
Tae Su has a good character with his dashing appearance.
He is willing to sacrifice his feelings to support Joo Hee and Joon Ha’s relationship.
The actor who plays the character of Tae Su is none other than Lee Ki Woo.
The actor is also Son Ye Jin’s ‘first husband’ in acting.
Despite having only a few scenes together in the film, the two seem like the perfect couple.
‘The Classic’ was also Lee Ki Woo’s first film debut, and the project exploded immediately.
But despite the popularity of the film, Lee Ki Woo’s career lags far behind his co-stars such as Cho Seung Woo, Jo In Sung, and Son Ye Jin.
In fact, after the project, he continued to play a supporting role for many years.
Only in 2005 was he lined up to become the main star in ‘Tale of Cinema.’
However, the project did not get much attention from the audience.
Even so, Lee Ki Woo continues to work hard by starring in new projects every year, both films and drama series.
Recently, Lee Ki Woo became one of the actors in the popular drama ‘My Liberation Notes.’
Lee Ki Woo is 41 years old, but his visuals are still youthful, dashing, and handsome.
No wonder his charm and charisma attract many fans.



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