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The first picture of Son Ye Jin when she was pregnant, what was her beauty like?

On the evening of July 9, Son Ye Jin shared a new image on Instagram to promote Valentino’s fashion brand as an ambassador. Here is also the first picture of the beauty posted after her first pregnancy announcement.
After just over 2 hours, the photo has attracted more than 600,000 “hearts,” along with many wishes from netizens. Many fans believe that the photo was taken while the actress was pregnant. It can be seen that her face is somewhat rounder, with more flesh than before.
Son Ye Jin confirmed that she was pregnant with her first child with her husband Hyun Bin on June 27. The beauty of Landing on You expressed her excitement when feeling the daily change in her body.
She did not reveal more information about her first child, but thanks to the comment from actress Lee Jung Hyun that this is a baby in the year of the Tiger, fans can predict the birth time of the 40-year-old star. Later this year.
In addition, a week ago, actress Song Yoon Ah posted a photo of an outdoor party at the penthouse of the Bin-Jin couple.
Hyun Bin plays the cooking and grilling role to serve his wife and close sisters. The couple owns a high-end barbecue set worth 5,700,000 won. Son Ye Jin pauses many activities and focuses on resting to take care of her health.



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