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The general photo of Jennie Blackpink and Park Seo Joon stormed social networks.

On 7.3, the brand ambassador of Chanel, Kim Jennie, and Ambassador Chanel Beauty Park Seo Joon were present at the Autumn -Winter fashion show of 2023 of the Paris Fashion Week 2023.
As usual, the Blackpink Rapper appeared in a white jump, trendy makeup tone, and quickly reached the media lens.
Despite being injured and having to stick personal bandages on her face, the female idol still receives many wings of beauty.
Also, on this red carpet, actor Park Seo Joon appeared and designed Chanel’s classic tweed coat and classic brooch.
The iconic hair-turning hair makes the actor one of the most prominent male stars on the PFW red carpet.
After that, both stars had the opportunity to reunite on this red carpet. Jennie and Park Seo Joon expressed their intimacy when they met in the hall.
Park Seo Joon also has a “beauty hero” when standing out to cover the singer to stabilize the state. When posing for photography, the male lead “Secretary Kim is how” is still delicate when not touching Jennie’s people.
A series of moments of the couple has attracted much attention from the international lens.
The common images of Jennie and Park Seo Joon covered all social networking platforms. Related keywords about both at Chanel’s fashion event became hot and were discussed by many netizens.
Returning to the event, Jennie and Park Seo Joon posted personal photos at the show. Notably, both stars posted pictures of the opponent. Jennie even tags Park Seo Joon’s name in the article.
The two posts by Jennie and Park Seo Joon quickly received “terrible” interactions on the Instagram platform.
Most netizens praised the beauty and radiant spirit of the couple on the red carpet. Some even “push boats” Jennie and Park Seo Joon became a couple.
Many K-Net also said that Jennie had rumors of love with BTS member V, who was known as Park Seo Joon’s best friend. Therefore, they do not feel strange witnessing the intimacy of these two stars.



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