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Son Ye Jin, a member of the Korean beautician organization, became known as the “housewife queen” after getting married.

Recently, the Korean public and media can’t help but be excited by the posts about Son Ye Jin’s daily meals after getting married to Hyun Bin.
Looking at these photos, the public can’t help but marvel at Hyun Bin’s wife’s increasing cooking skills. Many people even joke that Hyun Bin is lucky to have a good wife like Son Ye Jin.
The fact that Son Ye Jin continuously showed off her cooking skills after returning to the same house with Hyun Bin helped the beauty of the Son family enter the standard “housewife” female star association. Accordingly, the Korean newspaper Ten Asia recently listed 4 Korean beauties worthy of the title “housewife” after marriage. It mentions names such as Kim Nam Joo, Go So Young, Son Ye Jin, and Lee Yoo Ri.
1.Son Ye Jin
After titles such as “national first love” or “romantic movie queen,” recently, Son Ye Jin has a new name, “housewife queen.” The main reason is due to the extreme cooking ability after marriage.
Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin officially returned to the same house on March 31. After three months of marriage, Son Ye Jin announced the pregnancy of her first child. But besides the pregnancy, netizens are more interested in the post-marital life of the couple Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin. In response to the fans’ wishes, Son Ye Jin has continuously posted pictures of a family meal between her and her husband.
Through the image shared by Son Ye Jin, it can be seen that no dish makes it difficult for Hyun Bin’s wife, from Korean food to Western food. Not only that, the food is cooked and decorated very neatly and beautifully.
2. Kim Nam Joo
The second “Housewife Queen” is called Kim Nam Joo. Since its debut until now, Kim Nam Joo has become a fashion icon thanks to her elegant appearance, body, and outstanding style. However, few people know that when at home, Kim Nam Joo is recognized as a genuine “housewife queen” with a courage that is hard to match.
Kim Nam Joo married actor Kim Seung Woo in 2005. The couple has a son and a daughter. The beauty “Model” attracted attention when raising her daughter to become a good student when studying abroad at a prestigious boarding school in the US.
In 2010, Kim Nam Joo also published a collection of essays on a wife’s and mother’s daily life. The actress revealed her upbringing and how to manage housework. The book sold well after its release.
3. Lee Yoo Ri
Another actress mentioned is the “national evil woman” Lee Yoo Ri. Compared to other stars, Lee Yoo Ri got married quite early. The beauty married a pastor 12 years older than her when she was only 28 years old.
On KBS2’s ‘Happy Together 3’, Lee Yoo Ri said, “When I had to leave home for a long time to film, I had to prepare many side dishes. The food was so much that the cupboard was full. So I decided to buy five refrigerators. Organizing the food in the fridge has always been my dream.” The actress even revealed the preparation of up to 300 towels for the family to use. “When you go to the hotel, towels are changed constantly. If I go to the bathroom without a towel one day, I’m very embarrassed,” Lee Yoo Ri said.
4. Go So Young
Once a top Korean star, but since marrying actor Jang Dong Gun, actress Go So Young gradually withdrew to the rear to take care of her family. Like Son Ye Jin, Go So Young also loves to go to the kitchen to cook strange, beautiful, and delicious dishes for her small family.
On her page, in addition to pictures of family trips or portrait moments, Go So Young often shares her cooking hobby with fans. Accordingly, Jang Dong Gun’s wife usually posts photos of the dishes she cooks herself. From Korean to Western cuisine… Go So Young can cook it perfectly.



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