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The latest 3 achievements of TWICE that Blackpink and Red Velvet have not been able to achieve.

According to the management company JYP, TWICE will hold a special concert within the framework of the 4th world concert – “III” at Banc of California Stadium, Los Angeles, the USA, on May 14. Accordingly, tickets for the encore concert will officially go on sale on April 6.
It is known that the concert has a capacity of up to 22,000 seats, and TWICE is the first Kpop girl group to do this in the Western market. In addition, the JYP group is also the second Kpop artist in history to do this after BTS.
Previously, “III” – TWICE’s 4th world tour in North America also attracted attention when it attracted a massive number of 100,000 attendees, broke the record and is now the world tour. North American performance with the most attendees by a Korean girl group.
Most recently, TWICE was also confirmed to perform a total of 3 nights at Tokyo Dome – which is considered a “Japanese concert hall”, from April 23 to April 25. This is the first female Kpop artist’s first achievement in this music market.
With these 3 achievements, TWICE surpassed the Blackpink girls. Red Velvet became the only female Kpop artist to possess the above milestones.



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