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The management company spoke out about Jimin (BTS) having a luxury apartment confiscated.

According to information from Biz Korea, Jimin (BTS) was ordered by the National Health Insurance Corporation to seize the apartment he owns for not paying health insurance premiums. It is known that after 4 times of sending notices, the male idol made the payment.
The Yongsan branch of the National Health Insurance Corporation confirmed that it had seized the apartment Nine One Hannam (Seoul city), owned by Jimin, on January 25.
The male idol bought an apartment with a usable area of ​​244.35m² for 5.9 billion won (about 108 billion VND) in May last year. BTS members become neighbours of RM, Jeon Ji Hyun, So Ji Sub, G-Dragon…
Accordingly, the reason is “property seizure” in the real estate register, and the owner belongs to the National Health Insurance Corporation. However, the apartment seizure registration was cancelled on April 22, 3 months later. At this time, Jimin has already reimbursed the late payment of the medical insurance premium.
Big Hit Music officially spoke up to clarify the information regarding the above issue, admitting errors in the working process. This company said that Big Hit staff would receive the parcels sent to the dormitory and then hand them over to the artists. However, during the working process, a mistake occurred, causing some correspondence not to be delivered on time.
“Jimin didn’t know about the overdue debt due to his overseas schedule and consecutive vacations from the end of last year to the beginning of this year. However, as soon as he understood the situation, Jimin paid in full. The charges and the case are closed. We apologize for causing concern to the artist and fans due to the company’s negligence,” Big Hit Music confirmed.



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