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The member with the most beautiful legs TWICE: Wearing shorts makes the sisters “overshadowed”

TWICE is considered one of the top girl groups of the 3rd generation Kpop. Not only talented but TWICE also possesses the same appearance; each person shines in their way to help the group become a comprehensive team in all aspects. People will immediately think of the members as Tzuyu, Sana, or Mina. Talking about the bright, energetic beauty, Nayeon is the most representative of TWICE. And if you ask which member has a body with the “golden ratio”, the answer will be Jungyeon.
Although only 1m67 tall, Jungyeon’s body can still become a hot topic on Korean forums. The female idol received many compliments for her body proportions, like a live mannequin with a slim waist, wide hips, and the most “extreme” super-long legs.
Jungyeon’s legs are very slim but not too skinny. This helps Jungyeon’s figure be always full of life and equally soft and seductive. Jungyeon’s legs also have the ideal straightness, plus smooth skin, so it’s beautiful from any angle.
Perhaps understanding the advantage of her body, when wearing everyday clothes, Jungyeon wears shorts/short skirts with a very thick frequency. Specifically, denim shorts are the true love of TWICE’s personality beauties. She often combines this item with T-shirts, tank tops, and sweatshirts to create a set of toys that are dynamic, dynamic and show off her beautiful legs.
Jungyeon’s legs are so slim that, even when applying a rather cumbersome combo of sneakers + and ankle socks, this physique advantage is still not “overshadowed”. Even in unedited filming/shooting moments, Jungyeon’s legs still make the audience nod their heads in recognition of having surreal, beautiful proportions.
In terms of fashion style, Jungyeon is probably the simplest member of the TWICE group.
Instead of wearing soft skirts, stylish blouses or high heels…, Jungyeon’s everyday style is towards a healthier, more dynamic and dusty look. However, Jungyeon has never been inferior when standing with the members in glittery clothes. Jungyeon knows how to take advantage of her “fashion weapon”, shorts to show off her mannequin-standard, flawless legs. With such a great advantage, I hope that Jungyeon will shine even more in fashion in the future.



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