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The news that TWICE sold out tickets for a series of concerts in the US surprised netizens.

After a year of hard work, TWICE is preparing for the TWICE 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ world tour. Accordingly, TWICE’s ‘Ⅲ’ concert series will start on December 25 and 26 in Seoul, followed by shows in North America in February 2022.
After only a short time of going on sale, TWICE’s concert tickets in 5 cities in the US, including Los Angeles, Oakland, Fort Worth, Atlanta, and New York were quickly sold out. On December 14, JYP announced that it would open 2 more shows in Los Angeles (February 15) and Belmont Park (February 27) to repay the fans’ love.
Recently, JYP said that TWICE’s additional concerts in Los Angeles and Belmont Park were also sold out. This information makes the Once community extremely excited. Although there have not been many American activities, TWICE still proves the charm of a top Kpop girl group, receiving much support from the North American audience.
On Pann, Korean netizens left positive comments cheering for TWICE. In 2019, the group’s North American tour TWICELIGHTS took place only for 3 nights, but now the scale has more than doubled. Netizens were surprised by the impressive record of selling concert tickets of the JYP girl group. So far, the most “delicious” market for TWICE is often called Japan, but it seems that TWICE is “nothing” in the US, no joke!
There were also comments mentioning BLACKPINK after TWICE sold out all 7 concert nights of their US tour. Is TWICE already “on par” with rival YG, the popularity is not inferior?
Previously in 2019, BLACKPINK’s North America tour IN YOUR AREA also attracted about 64,000 spectators in 6 shows. With this tour’s scale, the possibility that TWICE “surpasses” BLACKPINK in terms of total audience and concert revenue is entirely possible. However, there are also comments about popularity in the US; BLACKPINK is still a “different level” compared to TWICE.

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