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The Number of Petition Signatures Is Increasing, JTBC Will Continue To Play Snowdrop!

Controversy regarding the drama Snowdrop continues to this day.
Petitions to stop the drama Snowdrop are also getting more and more signed every day.
Even the sponsors for the drama starring Blackpink’s Jisoo have withdrawn one by one.
Not wanting to drag on, JTBC finally clarified.
“After the broadcast of Snowdrop, the controversy has not subsided based on facts that are different from facts so that will convey our position,” said the JTBC party as quoted from Naver (21/12),
“First of all, the background and motive of the main events in the drama Snowdrop is the presidential election during the military regime.
In this backdrop, it contains the hypothetical story that an established power must fight with the North Korean regime to maintain power.”
‘Ganghwa’ is a creation that shows personal narratives of those used and sacrificed by those in power.
He said, “No spy led the democratization movement in Snowdrop, didn’t appear in episode 2, and nowhere else in the script after that.”
He continued, “The concerns about the ‘distortion of history and the ‘contempt for the democratization movement’ that many people have raised will be resolved in the future in the course of the drama. It contained the intention of the production team that they did not want that to happen.”
“Regrettably, we can’t reveal many storylines before each episode, but we ask that you keep an eye on future developments,” he continued.
In addition, JTBC said that they plan to listen to various opinions or voices by opening live chat windows on portal sites and official viewers’ bulletin boards to hear valuable opinions about the content.
The core values ‚Äč‚Äčthat JTBC pursues are the freedom to create content and independent production.
Based on that, JTBC said it would do its best to show good works in the future.

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