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The paradox in Song Hye Kyo’s unequal revenge in The Glory 2

In 8 episodes, part 1 of “The Glory,” the audience witnessed the hellish life of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo) during her school days when her friends tortured and beat her.
The cruel obsession with going to school turned Moon Dong Eun into a cold, empty heart filled with hatred. Throughout her journey of adulthood, Dong Eun meticulously planned to counterattack the friends who tortured, tortured, and ruined her school life.
The eight episodes of part 1 are considered to have an attractive and attractive script when recreating the life and portraits of the characters surrounding the female lead Dong Eun. Song Hye Kyo’s outstanding performance is also the highlight of the success of “The Glory” part 1 and simultaneously makes the second part of the film awaited.
The eight episodes of part 2 of “The Glory” were released on the digital platform on March 10, immediately attracting a large global audience, helping the film reach the top 1 most watched after only 24 hours of airing.
However, part 2 has a much weaker script than part 1. The battle is no longer balanced but completely tilts the advantage to the female lead Moon Dong Eun.
The film’s story becomes unattractive when the villains, led by Yeon Jin, lose from the start; there is almost no resistance, and they collapse quickly.
The revenge battle, which was “equal to talent” in part 1, made Moong Dong Eun’s hatred glorious. Dong Eun’s cold, empty emptiness must confront the villain’s unlimited cruelty and cruelty there.
Going to part 2, the battle became unbalanced when Yeon Jin (Lim Ji Yeon) was built, even somewhat stupidly, and lost easily. Yeon Jin’s counterattacks were harmless, even counterattacked.
Lim Ji Yeon devoted a lot of effort to acting out the cruel, cruel, and dangerous substance of Yeon Jin, but the film’s plot did not prove Lim Ji Yeon’s acting how evil she works, how difficult her face is, and how ordinary and harmless her actions are. The contrast between the acting and acting in the villain Yeon Jin is a failure of season 2, “The Glory.”
The episode where Yeon Jin discovers Kang Hyeon Nam is a supporter of Dong Eun in the quest for revenge can be exploited more expensively, which can be used to expose Yeon Jin’s cruelty and cruelty more. , but it ended up being an almost silly act of the villain. Yeon Jin was also easily pranked by Hyeon Nam.
Also, in 8 episodes of season 2, Dong Eun, at the same time, received too much support from all the supporting characters around, making the revenge quickly come to a predictable ending.
Dong Eun was originally built as a teacher hiding under the guise of being honest and unconcerned about the world at school. However, in a way, a male colleague sees her powerful revenge to aid in exposing the metamorphosis of the teacher’s lead.
Having just received too much support from the supporting characters, plus letting the villains destroy each other, Dong Eun’s revenge in part 2 is so gentle that she almost doesn’t have to do much. Because of this, part 2 loses its charm compared to part 1 in “The Glory.”
The brightest plus point of the eight episodes of season 2, “Glory in hatred,” is still the brilliant acting of the cast. Song Hye Kyo had the role of a lifetime when many scenes acted brilliantly. The emptiness and pain are impressed by the “treasure of Korean beauty” through eyes and smiles.
The supporting cast showed the expensive acting, the madness of Dong Eun’s mother, the unhappiness of Kang Hyeon Nam, and the daring, cruel look of the rich kid villain…
The supporting cast’s acting further supported Song Hye Kyo to shine in part 2, “The Glory.”



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