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The ranking of the most beautiful Korean actresses in 2022 causes great confusion.

Beauty rankings are always an exciting part of our idol pursuits. Although it is only a poll in a particular area, everyone will be happy if the person you like is on the list. It’s just the beginning of the year, but the KingChoice website held a poll “The most beautiful Korean actress 2022,” and let’s guess who is at the top before reading to the end of the article.
Top 10: Kim Yoo Jung
Right in the top 10 in KingChoice’s poll, this time is our little princess Kim Yoo Jung. Starting from the role of a child star, Yoo Jung has gradually conquered viewers with maturity in both acting and beauty. After growing up, Yoo Jung also continuously challenged herself in many different genres of films without being afraid to fail, which is also a very commendable point. Talking about beauty, Yoo Jung has a sweet, cute beauty, a bright smile full of youth, and is very endearing.
Top 9: Han So Hee
It’s only really attracted attention from 2020 to 2021, but until now, Han So Hee has been the fastest-growing beauty in the 9x female star stickers. With her pre-existing delicate and sharp beauty, Han So Hee has fully shown her personality and color through the works she has participated in. Sometimes gentle, feminine, sometimes personality, girl crush, it can be said that this beauty has an irresistible charm.
Top 8: Song Hye Kyo
When it comes to the name Song Hye Kyo, no one will find it strange anymore; the beautiful sister has always occupied a position in the beauty charts of the Korean film goddess from her twenties until now. Song Hye Kyo’s beauty and aura, just by looking at it, people can feel her unique features, only, I’m surprised that in this vote, Song Hye Kyo fell to the ground. Top 8. Perhaps due to the influence of the unsuccessful movie Now We Are Breaking Up, her name was slightly cooled down, so that next time, Song Hye Kyo will rise to the top right away.
Top 7: Son Ye Jin
Equally shocking was the beautiful sister Son Ye Jin when she landed 1 level above the opponent, which is 7th in this ranking. Son Ye Jin has an elegant, fragile and gentle beauty. Although she can transform into all characters with all different personalities in the movie, her beauty is just as sweet as candy; especially her bright smile is always the most impressive thing in my mind. I. The top 7 is still very low, hopefully with the re-appearance with Thirty Nine and the wedding, the beautiful sister will soon return to her rightful position in the next vote.
Top 6: Suzy
Standing at 6th place in KingChoice’s ranking is the goddess Suzy of the film and Kpop industry, and no one else. Suzy has a youthful beauty, also known as “the nation’s first love,” with a beauty that doesn’t need much makeup to make people fall in love. The longer Suzy is active, the more she gets promoted in both beauty and temperament; it can be said that I like the typical beauty of the 9x goddesses in Kbiz.
Top 5: Kim Go Eun
Surprise, surprise, yet beautiful girl Kim Go Eun has overcome a series of beauty walls to completely enter the top 5 in this ranking. When it comes to the beauty of this girl, I feel very likable; her bright smile attracts me the most but saying that it is very beautiful or typical beauty is a bit wrong. To be more precise, Kim Go Eun has a controversial beauty, some people say she’s beautiful, others don’t, so maybe this top 5 position is a bit confusing for me.

Top 4: Lee Se Young
One more surprise, Lee Se Young, a beauty who is not mentioned in many beauty polls this time, was in the top and the top 4. She is rarely mentioned because she is not beautiful, but because she has few great movies, her reputation is not high, but Lee Se Young is beautiful, has a charming smile, and big eyes. I know that she got this high position thanks to the success of The Red Sleeve at the end of last year, early this year, hopefully from here on, Lee Se Young’s movies will also prosper so that her beauty can be improved. Pay more attention.

Top 3: Seo Ye Ji
Despite the controversy that caused her to be inactive for almost a year, it seems that Seo Ye Ji in the international market is still hot and loved by everyone. This beauty has an advantage that is a luxurious aura, a stunning and eye-catching figure, and an impressive face. However, considering the excellent products, it has not come yet, calling her a temperamental beauty is more suitable for her. Anyway, this high number of votes proves that fans are looking forward to Seo Ye Ji’s comeback; let’s wait for this beauty to return shortly, she has received a new movie.

Top 2: Kim So Hyun
While her friend is the same age as the top 9, our “rain girl” has climbed straight to the top 2, so excellent. It can be said that although the time when So Hyun was young, he progressed pretty slowly, once he did, he immediately excelled. After growing up, it can be said that she is the hottest among the child stars of the past. In So, Hyun exudes a gentle, gentle, lovely beauty, from her personality to her beauty, it makes people love them more when looking at them. Now that the code is fully developed, I believe that So Hyun’s beauty and aura will gradually increase, but now it has not reached the most mature. Well, she hasn’t reached the ripest yet, but she’s already this pretty; what will happen in the future? This is the future goddess of the Korean film industry.

Top 1: Jisoo
And finally, the beauty champion of Korean actresses has appeared, a face that hasn’t acted in many movies but surely everyone knows it, this is Jisoo. Jisoo has an eye-catching beauty; all facial features stand out from her eyes, nose, and mouth, so she can wear all kinds of makeup and always attract attention. Although she only had her first lead role in Snowdrop, Jisoo performed flawlessly and scored high, along with the inherently high reputation; it is not difficult to guess that the BLACKPINK beauty has surpassed all the seniors. Congratulations to Jisoo, and I look forward to the subsequent work of this beautiful beauty.



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