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The reason senior actors warned Son Ye Jin to “be prepared” when she got cast for the movie “Chi-hwa-seon”

Emerging as a rising star in the Korean entertainment industry after starring in the 2001 drama “Delicious Proposal,” Son Ye Jin received a casting offer for the movie “Chi-hwa-seon” by director Im Kwon Taek at the end of the same year. Her role was So Woon, the first love of painter Jang Seung Up.
Regarding the casting of Son Ye Jin, director Im Kwon Taek said, “Son Ye Jin’s image is exactly like that of the character So Woon in my script, a mysterious and beautiful woman like a crane.”

When Son Ye Jin told people around her that she had been cast in director Im Kwon Taek’s movie, all the senior actors told her to “be prepared” instead of congratulating her.
It was because there were anecdotes about director Im Kwon Taek, such as he would scold new actors until they cried and insist the scenes be shot dozens of times until they were perfect.

In response to such stories, Son Ye Jin, on the other hand, confirmed her appearance in “Chi-hwa-seon” and expressed her expectations, saying, “I cannot guarantee that I would be able to do such a movie again in the future. I will try to learn a lot of things”.
Despite having short screen time, Son Ye Jin still left a strong impression. After starring in this movie, she received many love calls from producers in the film industry.



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