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It’s not Song Hye Kyo’s fault! This is the reason the drama Now We Are Breaking Up has dropped its rating.

Now We Are Breaking Up has entered episode 11, less than 5 more episodes to the final episode.
The drama Now We Are Breaking Up initially had a pretty good rating.
However, with the increase in episodes, the rating decreases.
Song Hye Kyo could not make this drama attractive as the female lead.
Many rumors are circulating about why the drama Now We Are Breaking Up is considered quite disappointing.
It’s unfair if all the blame is placed on Hye Kyo for her acting, which is considered unimpressive.
Reporting from KBIZoom, it’s not Hye Kyo’s acting that should be blamed, but she agreed to why she accepted her current role.
Now We Are Breaking Up has a storyline that is considered flat.
Introduced as a drama set in the fashion industry, but for the last 11 episodes, apart from Song Hye Kyo’s outfit Now, We Are Breaking Up barely provides a convincing fashion atmosphere.
In terms of ratings, Now, We Are Breaking Up starts off with a good rating, which is neither too high nor low.
However, it isn’t enjoyable for a drama with Song Hye-Kyo’s appearance in it.
The rating continues to decline with more episodes, making it difficult to reach 10% because of the storyline.
Attracting attention because of its opening with a 19+ scene showing the main couple’s one-night stand, Now, We Are Breaking, loses its appeal because there is no climax in the story.
Besides, Song Hye Kyo doesn’t leave an impression on viewers because she does the same thing in every episode.
Like crying, he was arguing, sometimes ‘finding a way to fight his fate,’ and fighting for his passionate love.
When Korean dramas are developing with diverse genres, Now, We Are Breaking Up decided to follow the old romantic material.
Therefore, its poor performance is quite understandable.

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