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The reason why ITZY is becoming more and more “flop”: No identity, constantly copying the “error version” of BLACKPINK?

After the explosive performance at MAMA 2021, topics about ITZY continuously appeared on Korean social networks. In addition to compliments for the confident and professional stage skills of the JYP girl group, netizens also discussed ITZY’s position in the new generation of idols.

Many people think that ITZY is very talented, but the group is unlucky when digital music achievements and influence in Korea are increasingly “flop”. After the hit “DALLA DALLA” in 2019, ITZY could not bounce back as strongly as expected. The reasons listed for the reason why ITZY “flop” can be mentioned as JYP’s wrong strategy, unattractive vocals or Lia’s noisy school bullying scandal.
On December 14, a post on Pann also pointed to another reason why ITZY couldn’t have explosive success. That’s because the group… copied BLACKPINK’s concept. “ITZY is a group with no identity, no color of its own, and very insignificant” – the author of the post.

According to the post, ITZY since debut has imitated BLACKPINK’s girl crush concept. The costumes, visual concepts or music are all reminiscent of YG’s seniors. ITZY’s problem is that it can’t create a unique charm, so it is difficult to develop a strong fandom. Audiences who love the girl crush concept will choose BLACKPINK as a model, instead of an “error version” like ITZY?
There are also opinions that it is not possible to blame ITZY when the group has the image and style “similar to” BLACKPINK because this is completely a problem from JYP’s strategy. Meanwhile, ITZY’s fans claim that all of the above similarities are just coincidental.

In fact, the image of ITZY in the MV or on the stage is different from BLACKPINK. The concept of “girl crush” is also not an exclusive concept of the YG girl group, so it cannot be attributed to ITZY imitating.

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