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The role of Jennie BLACKPINK in “The Idol”: An innocent idol or a villain?

The Idol, produced by The Weeknd and Sam Levinson, tells the love story of a pop singer named Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp) and the leader of a mysterious cult (played by The Weeknd). Many rumors spread that Jennie will take on a supporting role, be Jocelyn’s best friend, an up-and-coming singer, or a villain…
In the first two teasers, fans can only see the basic image of Jennie in the movie. In teaser 3, the female Idol appears more and seems to be one of the characters that create an important knot of The Idol.
Jennie held hands and led Lily-Rose Depp through the crowd made up of media and fans. The next scene shows Jennie showing up at an office with excitement. She looks like she’s going to sign with an agency, and it’s unclear if this decision will change her future. The person behind it is likely The Weeknd. Thereby, it is predicted that Jennie may be a new idol entering the profession, naive and looking forward to the glory of the entertainment world, or someone who leads Lily-Rose Depp into the entertainment world if connected to the segment. Before.
Also, in teaser 3, The Weeknd-like voice sounded with the line: “Los Angeles is where all the monsters in the world gather. Don’t trust anyone”. Next came the appearance of Jennie. If this quote connects with the female Idol’s character, she may play a naughty female idol, one of the “monsters” in Los Angeles that the teaser refers to.
As the film that marks the first step in Jennie’s acting career, The Idol is expected by many people. Jennie’s acting in her debut role has not been evaluated, but one thing fans are sure of is the appearance with the most glamorous and trendy appearance of “Living Chanel.”



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