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The same old love of Lee Min Ho, but Goo Hye Sun and Park Shin Hye have opposite love lines.

As one of the most sought-after male gods on the Korean screen, it is not surprising that the pink balls appearing with Lee Min Ho always receive great attention from the audience. The most prominent of these are the two beauties, Goo Hye Sun and Park Shin Hye. Although they were lovers of the male god, the two actresses seem to have opposite love lines. While Goo Hye Sun has to go through a marriage breakdown, Park Shin Hye has a happy family and has become a mother.
Born in 1984, Goo Hye Sun is considered a beauty with a beautiful face and many talents. Not only acting and singing but also encroaching on painting, writing stories, directing… In 2009, Goo Hye Sun’s name became famous when she co-starred with Lee Min Ho in the movie Garden. Meteor. She is still associated with the “the Co” image in this famous work.
Meanwhile, Park Shin Hye is 6 years younger than Goo Hye Sun. Like her senior, Shin Hye also possesses sweet beauty and good acting ability. She paired up with Lee Min Ho on the small screen through the project “The Heirs” in 2013.
Goo Hye Sun and Park Shin Hye were once involved in rumours of fake movies with Min Ho. However, the person Hye Sun has a crush on is Ahn Jae Hyun, not Lee Min Ho. And Park Shin Hye is in love with the younger actor Choi Tae Joon.
Success on the career path is like that, but Goo Hye Sun and Park Shin Hye have opposite private lives. While Hye Sun could not keep her marriage with Ahn Jae Hyun, Park Shin Hye is living a happy life with the young “pilot”. It is known that she and her husband, Choi Tae Joon welcomed their first son at the end of May.



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