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The spoiled Jennie BLACKPINK asks for Mino and WINNER’s Jinu to be guarded, the bodyguard isn’t kidding!

The presence of BLACKPINK’s Jennie in The Game Caterers 2 produced by Na PD drew attention.
Not without reason, Jennie BLACKPINK was the only female K-Pop idol who was present in the game.
The exciting moment of the game also clearly received the spotlight, especially Jennie BLACKPINK as a female K-Pop idol herself from YG Entertainment. Apparently, behind the game, WINNER’s Mino and WINNER’s Jinu recorded behind the scenes with BLACKPINK’s Jennie. WINNER’s Mino brought a camera before appearing in front of the camera, and WINNER’s Jinu accompanied him to Jennie BLACKPINK’s dressing room.
Arriving suddenly, WINNER’s Mino and WINNER’s Jinu managed to surprise BLACKPINK’s Jennie with the camera they brought. BLACKPINK’s Jennie was even shy at first, covering her face without makeup. Shown with a sweater, Jennie BLACKPINK still greets fans through the camera. “We will meet the only woman who is participating in the game; we go to Jennie BLACKPINK, the shining solo,” said WINNER’s Mino. WINNER’s Mino, who was excited, apparently made Jennie BLACKPINK wide-eyed at the camera.
While covering her face, Jennie BLACKPINK said she was surprised by the sudden appearance of WINNER’s Mino and WINNER’s Jinu. “You shouldn’t have come randomly, annyeong,” said BLACKPINK’s Jennie. “It’s okay, you’re beautiful,” said WINNER’s Mino calming BLACKPINK’s Jennie. WINNER’s Mino then asked BLACKPINK Jennie’s preparations for The Game Caterers 2.
“What are you preparing for?” asked WINNER’s Mino. “I’ll just smile like this,” said BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
BLACKPINK’s Jennie then asked WINNER’s Mino and WINNER’s Jinu beside her. “You are here to take care of me,” said BLACKPINK’s Jennie. “On every side?” asked WINNER’s Mino.
“Yes, Jinu is here, Mino is here,” said BLACKPINK’s Jennie and then posed for the camera. “Okay, we will take care of you like this,” repeated WINNER’s Mino. “Okay, I’ll see you later,” added BLACKPINK’s Jennie.
Many netizens praised BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s closeness with WINNER’s Mino and WINNER’s Jinu.
“So sweet, thank you, Mino and Jinu, for taking care of Jennie,” said @dobby. “I love these three besties; I wish the three of them interacted with more variety shows; I miss Jennie,” said @Freya.
“This trio is what I need!” said @jenniesworshipper.
“This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen; thank you, Jinu and Mino, for taking care of Jennie,” said @Cherry Rubyblue. What do you think about BLACKPINK’s Jennie, WINNER’s Mino, and WINNER’s Jinu? BLACKPINK’s Jennie guards don’t mess around!



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