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The truth is that Song Hye Kyo is dating Lee Min Ho.

After the success of Descendants of the Sun, Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki officially fell in love and got married. However, the couple’s happiness didn’t last long and “everyone went their separate ways”, leaving fans disappointed. After the divorce, Song Hye Kyo focused on developing her career but was also entangled in many love rumours.
Recently, a netizen posted information that Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho were officially together. This person even posted a photo of these two famous Kbiz stars together. Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho are both favourite Kbiz stars. These two stars possess good looks and have countless successful works to help secure their names.
Previously, the two attended a brand event together in the US. Appearing in the same frame, these two cult stars overwhelmed people with their superb visuals. Since participating in this event, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho have been entangled in love rumours. Fans enthusiastically support the couple.
However, immediately netizens discovered that the photo being circulated was just a product of photoshop. Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min Ho had no contact with each other after the event in the west.
– It’s just a photoshop photo. I don’t believe this couple is dating at all.
– Looking at the photos, I can smell deception. After the event in the US, I did not see you interacting on social media accounts.
-This couple is so beautiful. Their visuals are always bright side by side, and I hope they can date for real.
– If they don’t date, they can act in the same movie. The film will surely be trendy if this couple appears in the same frame.
Currently, netizens are still actively discussing whether Lee Min Ho and Song Hye Kyo are dating.



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