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The two extremes are both cute and luxurious of Jennie (BLACKPINK).

BLACKPINK is known as one of the current top K-pop groups in the Korean entertainment industry. Because the girls have been debating for a very long time, their personalities are almost in the palm of their hands. However, it is difficult for fans to predict when she will be cheerful and cheerful with Jennie and when she will radiate her cold aura. Jennie is known for being the main rapper of BLACKPINK. The female idol is influential in the music industry and has a voice in the fashion industry. Jennie’s various change in style makes people humorously call her “two-faced queen”. Many observant fans discovered that Jennie was charming and cheerful a few seconds ago but immediately changed to a cold, elegant face of a noble lady.
The most typical can be mentioned image of Jennie during her recent trip to Hawaii. At some moments, the BLACKPINK beauty looks cute even though she is wearing an outfit showing off her body. She thoroughly enjoyed her trip.
However, just a few seconds later, Jennie turned on the cold mode, exuding the YG idol standard aura to pose. The charismatic face and tiny waist create a seductive charm for the female idol.
When she attended Chanel’s show during the autumn-winter fashion week – Paris Fashion Week 2022, Jennie again proved that the nickname “returned queen” that the fans gave her was not wrong. Appearing at the event, the female idol was enthusiastically welcomed by fans. She also constantly smiled, showing her dumpling cheeks to fans.
Entering the red carpet, Jennie again showed a cold face, a luxurious attitude that is standard for a genuine lady. The photos of the main rapper BLACKPINK seem to attract all eyes because they are so professional.
Many fans were impressed by Jennie’s “big sister” style when she debuted with BLACKPINK. The group pursues the girl crush style, so Jennie gives a luxurious and rich feeling. Therefore, many people were afraid of female idols.
That image completely “collapsed” when fans met her in real life. Although Jennie still has the luxurious aura of a top K-pop idol, she has a charming and childish look. BLINK thinks that the point that makes this “wanting to faint” cuteness of the main rapper of YG is the super cute dumpling cheeks.
Jennie’s “before and after is not the same” moment is also shown through the collaboration with Gentle Monster. Because of working tired backstage, the beauty BLACKPINK fell asleep. However, when she stood in front of the camera, she became arrogant, cold and powerful.
Following Jennie on Instagram, fans will notice this lightning-fast changing personality of Jennie. She has a habit of “discharging” a lot of photos in the same post. Since then, fans have admired Jennie’s rapid personality change in the same series of photos.
Jennie has always been famous for her “hot inside and cold outside” image. Fans even fell in love with her noble but sometimes charming aura.



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