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The two varieties of guest appearances by Son Ye Jin have gone viral on social media, bringing joy to Hyun Bin.

If you’re a Korean lover, please continue watching Son Ye Jin’s second interview, which was released yesterday. It’s heartwarming to see her so happy and lovely, with her ever-supportive “daddy” Hyun Bin by her side, making each day better.

Yesterday, the number one most viewed article celebrated Son Ye Jin’s happiness and the love of the people. We love you, Son Ye Jin, and wish you happiness and blessings as we eagerly await your comeback.

It’s truly wonderful that Son Ye Jin gets to experience the best of both worlds—a chance to live a normal married life and enjoy motherhood, supported by the wealth she has earned as an actress and the love and support of her family. When she decides to return to acting, it’s a win-win situation.

Son Ye Jin has expressed her enjoyment of family life but also revealed her apprehensions about having a second child. Mothers are superheroes, capable of extraordinary strength for their children. It’s clear that motherhood has added depth to Son Ye Jin’s character, making her an even more remarkable human being than she already was.

In her last two variety show guestings, Son Ye Jin appeared with personal friends, creating a comfortable and authentic atmosphere. We appreciate the breadth of Yejin’s network, which allows her to choose the shows she wants to appear in easily.

Son Ye Jin’s presence in the entertainment industry continues to shine brightly, and her fans are eager to support her in all her endeavors, whether on-screen or off-screen. We look forward to witnessing her journey and celebrating her achievements.

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