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The unexpected difference in the parenting style of Hyun Bin’s parents – Son Ye Jin.

From the first cooperation in the Life and Death Negotiation to the marriage and the announcement of the first pregnancy, the information about Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin always attracts great attention from the public.
So far, the audience has always believed that Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin will become perfect fathers and mothers in the future because they all receive the best education and support from their families. Few people know that the parenting style of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s biological parents is not the same, even opposite if compared.
Specifically, both Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are influenced more or less by the teachings of their parents. In particular, Hyun Bin’s father seems to be more strict and does not support Hyun Bin’s pursuit of art at first, while Son Ye Jin’s family is supportive right after hearing that his daughter wants to become an actress.
Sharing in an interview, Son Ye Jin said that her parents once enrolled her in an acting class. The actress shared her desire to express her emotions in public as an actress, and her parents enthusiastically agreed.
In particular, Ye Jin once shared that when she received an offer to play the first hot scene in her career, the director came to her and convinced her father. At that time, Ye Jin’s father agreed as long as his daughter could do the work she was passionate about.
Unlike his wife, Hyun Bin’s early days in the arts were an obsession. Previously, it was reported that the actor was beaten with a baseball bat by his father when he learned that he intended to pursue art. However, Hyun Bin later proved his talent and charm in acting to his family.
The strictness of Hyun Bin’s father has received criticism from the public on forums. However, he only did so out of love and concern for his children’s careers. It is known that most of Hyun Bin’s relatives are either law or prosecutors; only the actor pursues art.
It can be seen that the parenting views of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s parents are not the same. However, the common point is that they were successful in educating, so two shining examples of Kbiz’s personality and career.
After enjoying married life, the Bin Jin couple simultaneously returned to work. Next September, Hyun Bin will release the movie “Reluctant Partner Part 2”. Meanwhile, Son Ye Jin receives several advertising contracts before welcoming the little angel’s birth.



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