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Song Joong Ki to Lee Min Ho, these are the actors who risk their lives while filming.

The job of an actor is often considered fun and is also considered to be filled with wealth and popularity.
But any job always has risks; some dangers and difficulties occur behind the scenes that viewers often know.
Not a few actors and actresses risk their lives to explore roles and convey emotions well.
One is Song Joong Ki, who broke his bone while filming Descendants of the Sun.
If lucky, the actors come out with minor injuries; the worst-case scenario is hospitalization and surgery.
Not a few actors and actresses get physical injuries, including injuries in the eye area, broken bones and even jaw injuries that risk their lives.
This time, several actors and actresses in a series of popular dramas risk their lives while filming.
One of them was Song Jong Ki when he played in Descendant of the Sun.
In this popular drama, Song Jong Ki is reported to have suffered a broken bone in his hand.
And here is a list of other actors who take high risks while filming dramas:
1. Kang Dong Won (Master)
Despite his lack of presence in television dramas, Kang Dong Won is working hard in his film career.
Some of his most famous works include Too Beautiful To Lie, Temptation of Wolves, Secret Reunion and his recent work Broker.
The actor shows off his acting skills and versatility with various roles and film genres, including action films.
During the Master with Lee Byung Hun filming, Kang Dong Won got a neck injury due to broken glass, which delayed all filming.
Due to his hectic filming schedule, Kang Dong Won bravely took his shards and let the medics stitch up the open wound.
2. Yoo Ah In (Veteran)
Yoo Ah In is one of the leading actors who can take home countless awards with one breakthrough role.
For example, the 2020 feature film Voice of Silence has helped Yoo Ah In bag the Awards from Blue Dragon Awards, Baeksang, Buil Film, Cine 21, Fantasia International Film Festival, Asian Film and Daesang (Grand Prize) from AAA, to name a few.
Yoo Ah In takes a very different path that few choose to walk, with its benefits and obstacles.
His most horrific accident occurred on the set of the movie Veterans during a car chase scene.
Yoo Ah In acted out the scene himself without a stunt double, driving a car at 200 kilometres per hour.
Although the shooting process was well planned, an accident occurred.
The windshield of a motorcycle slipped off unexpectedly and hit the actor in the jaw.
While the injury was painful, the actor was lucky that just 5 centimetres lower, he would have lost his life.
3. Kim Hee Ae – Lee Moo Sang (The World of the Married)
The television drama The World of the Married marked another success for Kim Hee Ae.
Despite the psychological drama, some tough acts will require strength and courage to perform.
During the series, there is a scene where Kim Hee Ae’s character, Sun Woo, runs into the sea and is pulled back by her best friend Kim Yoon Gi, played by Lee Moo Sang.
As they performed the scene, the two actors did not realize they were being pulled further from land by the strong waves.
If it weren’t for the rescue team present at this time, they would have ended up at the bottom of the ocean
4. Lee Min Ho (Gangnam 1970)
Lee Min Ho made a great impression as a spoiled and rich heir in legendary television dramas such as Boys Over Flowers, The Inheritors, Legend of the Blue Sea and “he King: Eternal Monarch.
Due to his typecasting, the public often believes he has an easy career.
Yet the actor gave his all during his shooting sessions, suffering the wounds in silence without complaining.
According to the crew of the 1970 action film Gangnam, Lee Min Ho’s acclaimed feature film, the actor who plays the gang leader had to perform many physically demanding action scenes, wrestling in the mud the hardest.
Due to the lengthy filming process to capture various aspects of the scene, many actors contracted illnesses while the actor himself was covered in bruises and wounds.
Even his toenails were gone without his knowledge.
5. Lee Seung Gi (You’re All Surrounded)
Thanks to his devotion and dedication, Lee Seung Gi has always been loved by the public, and the actor is working extra hard to repay his love.
The most persuasive example of his dedication was seen in his injury on the set of You’re All Surrounded, Lee Seung Gi being stabbed in the eye with a knife.
The injury caused his eye to bleed internally, and he was asked to wait for a full recovery before resuming filming.
While a long rest period is expected in such an injury, Lee Seung Gi still stepped forward, apologized for the inconvenience, and promised to return as soon as possible.
6. Song Joong Ki (Descendant of the Sun)
Descendants of the Sun Yoo Shi Jin is the role of a lifetime for Song Joong Ki.
A handsome, brave and loving military captain earns all the love from his fans. During filming for the series, the actor had a serious incident.
In particular, the actor had a broken arm that took months to heal.
To accommodate the situation while allowing the actor to take time to recover, Song Joong Ki wore an arm cast to the scene and turned it into a brace.
When you see Captain Yoo wearing a cast for one episode, it’s a real injury. It was to see how dedicated he was to his role.
7. Kim So Hyun (Tales of Nokdu)
Kim So Hyun had an accident on the set for the television series Tales of Nokdu.
While filming for the horse riding scene, the actress suddenly fell off the horse and was injured.
The incident happened too quickly, and none of the staff could react in time. The actress was immediately transferred to the hospital.
After that incident, Kim So Hyun continued filming, but this time with more caution.
8. Han So Hee (Kyungseong Creature)
Han So Hee delivered the news about her recent injury in the television series Kyungseong Creature, the next action series after the hit drama My Name.
In particular, the actress was reportedly injured around the eye area in one of the action scenes, thereby leading to her being rushed to the hospital.
Fortunately, the actress only underwent treatment by doctors and did not need to undergo any surgery.
The news was a relief to his fans.
While actors and actresses may look stunning and walk elegantly on the red carpet, they must endure gruelling filming sessions and even suffer from physical injuries behind the scenes.
When such problems arise, dedication and resilience keep them going and earning more, and good luck. Is your favourite actor one of them?



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