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6 Famous Dramas Are Massively Liked, But Many Don’t Like It

Everyone’s taste is different, and so is Korean drama. Some prefer the romantic genre; some prefer the thriller genre. Some watch because of the story, some because of the players.
Some of the Korean dramas below include those that are famous among global netizens. But not only renowned for being liked, but many also say the opposite, you know! Let’s look at the reviews of some Korean dramas that are famous for being selected and disliked simultaneously; let’s go!
1. K2
You know, K2 Korean drama stars Ji Chang Wook and SNSD’s Yoona? Several netizens agreed to call K2 a good drama because the work was severe in terms of action to the intense conflict. As an action melodrama, K2 also makes a lot of noise and impresses many people; some even say it is one of the best dramas of all time.
On the other hand, many, you know, claim not to like K2, especially because SNSD’s Yoona’s acting is stiff. Yoona herself called this drama one of the most challenging jobs for her. As the female lead, the character Yoona plays is also considered boring.
2. Descendants of the Sun
This drama, which is often abbreviated as DOTS, also has many fans as well as non-fans. Song Joong Ki’s name exploded globally through this drama. Song Song Couple in real life was born from the project.
But even though many people like to call this the best drama, many, you know, also feel the opposite. Several scenes are considered excessively romanticized, so they are too dramatic and reduce the story’s excitement. In addition, the second lead couple is more fun to follow than the primary partner.
3. The Heirs
The Heirs were very excited since it was first announced. Until now, many even claim to enter the world of drama thanks to this drama. Indeed, the roster and writers are all well known. By attracting top artists, such as Lee Min Ho, Park Shin Hye, and Kim Woo Bin, to rising stars of his time, such as Krystal f(x), Park Hyung Sik, and many more, The Heirs is indeed a spectacle that refreshes the eyes of many fans.
However, the cliche story also makes many netizens dislike this drama. Moreover, the female lead character played by Park Shin Hye is considered very weak and pathetic. The rich and poor love story was considered too old-fashioned, even for those days, and boring.
4. Nevertheless
Who is watching, Nevertheless? This drama can be said to be very brave because it breaks many Korean serial standards in general. For example, it is daring to display intimate scenes that are pretty vulgar, deep toxic relationships to raise same-sex love stories. Of course, the leading stars on the rise, namely Song Kang and Han So Hee, are always talked about every time the episodes air.
However, as the story progressed, many netizens admitted to leaving this drama because they were excited about the character played by Han So Hee. Not having a stand until too many bed scenes are some of the reasons that are often put forward by netizens. This drama is also called glorifying and romanticizing toxic and manipulative relationships.
5. The World of the Married
The drama The World of the Married also makes the audience split. Some like it because the story makes them angry. Understandably, it is easy for the audience to boil their emotions when they see the story of the actor.
On the other hand, many also drop this drama because it causes anxiety. The reason for fear of being ‘parno’ or not believing in their partner often appears on social media, so they choose not to watch this drama.
6. Start-up
There is also a Start-Up, a drama that hits in 2020. The main male characters, Han Ji Pyeong (Kim Seon Ho) and Nam Do San (Nam Joo Hyuk), split the audience into two camps. In every episode air, netizens are very noisy, discussing who Seo Dal Mi (Suzy) should be anchored.
Apparently, for various viral reasons, Start-Up is considered not a good Korean drama by some people. Several netizens were disappointed because the love stories of the characters were even more highlighted than the problems of the start-up company. Disappointed viewers expect this drama to be a drama that explores more deeply start-ups rather than romance.
What do you think about the dramas above? Differences in taste are legitimate, of course. The important thing is that you don’t have to fight to feel your preference is correct, let alone force others to follow yours.



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