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These 6 Popular Celebrities Must Be In Military Service Immediately, Besides Kang Tae Oh There’s Sehun EXO, Who Else?

National military service has always been a significant concern for male celebrity fans in South Korea.
Under the Military Service Act, a person can postpone their military service until the Korean age of 28 without any reason.
However, a person must enter the military to fulfill their military service no later than the year they turn 30 in Korean age.
Here is a list of male celebrities who will turn 30 next year and have to enter the military:
1. Kang Tae Oh
Kang Tae Oh recently became a big hit after his latest work, Extraordinary Attorney Woo.
However, during the production presentation event on June 29, the actor announced this would be his last project before enlisting in the military.
This came as sad news for new fans who had just found out about him, and some of them even joked about recruiting people to join the military on his behalf.
2. Kim Min Kyu
The cute secretary in the hit drama Business Proposal, Kim Min Kyu, will turn 30 in 2023.
In various interviews this year, Kim Min Kyu mentioned that he would enter the military after one more job. Are you looking forward to his upcoming work?
3. Na In Woo
The cute youngest member on the variety show “2 Days & 1 Night” will join his 30s next year.
Na In Woo has acted in dramas such as “Mystic Pop-up Bar,” “River Were the Moon Rises,” “Jinxed At First,” and more! Fans will be sad to see him go.
4. Song Kang
Famous actor Song Kang will also face the same problem next year.
In an interview with Sports DongA, Song Kang talked about the “empty period” he will face when he enters the military.
“Of course, I’ve been thinking about joining the military soon. Since it’s an inevitable ’empty period’, I don’t stress much about it,” he said.
5. GOT7’s Jinyoung
The idol-actor who debuted in 2014 with GOT7 will also turn 30 next year. Have you watched his latest release, “Yumi’s Cells 2?”
6. Sehun EXO
How time passes! Now the youngest member of EXO is also in talks for military service.
Debuting in 2012, EXO recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. The news that Sehun will soon enlist in the military will be sad news for many people.



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