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These 8 Former Child Artists Have Successfully Starred in Korean Dramas, There are Park Eun Bin and Park Shin Hye.

Perhaps many actresses who play the main characters in dramas are known by the audience for their near-perfect acting. Having talent in the world of acting, audiences are often brought into the story and atmosphere of the films they watch.
It is not surprising that the actions of this line of actresses can hypnotize the audience because it turns out that they are former child actresses. As reported from various sources on Friday (5/8/2022), here are former child artists who have successfully starred in Korean dramas.
Former Child Artist Who Successfully Starred in Korean Drama
1. Park Eun Bin
The actress, born in Seoul on September 4, 1992, turned out to be a former child actress. Park Eun Bin started her career as a child actress when she was seven years old and starred in many drama titles. Park Eun Bin finally got to play the main character for the first time in the drama Operation Proposal in 2012.
Park Eun Bin is recorded to have starred in more than 35 drama titles and television series. Park Eun Bin is at the peak of popularity thanks to his acting in the drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo as Woo Yeong-u with his co-star, Kang Tae-oh.
2. Moon Ga Young
July 10, 1996, this German-born actress is a famous South Korean actress. In the past two years, his name has become increasingly known thanks to his role as Lim Ju Kyung in the film True Beauty with his co-star, Cha Eun Woo.
The actress graduated from Sungkyunkwan University filmography and started her career at 10 with a film called To Sir With Love in 2006. Now Moon Ga Young is actively playing the drama Link: Eat, Love, Kill.
3. Park Shin Hye
The name Park Shin Hye is already familiar in the entertainment world. Often starring in various dramas to films, Park Shin Hye became famous thanks to her role in the drama entitled Stairway To Heaven in 2003. At that time, she was still 13 years old. The actress and model are now happy with her small family after the birth of her first son in May 2022.
4. Nam Ji Hyun
Nam Ji Hyun is a South Korean actress who started her career as a child actress at seven through a drama entitled Say You Love Me. The 26-year-old actress rose to fame for her role as Princess Shin in The Great Queen Seondeok.
The actress who graduated in psychology from Sogang University is often a regular in starring in the younger version of the main character in dramas. Her career is getting uphill because she has starred in several dramas as the main female actor, one of which is in the drama Suspicious Partner with Ji Chang Wook. Currently, Nam Ji Hyun is starring in a drama about family and friendship called Little Women with Park Ji Hoo and Kim Go Eun. 5. Kim Yoo Jung
Kim Yoo Jung has talent as an actress, as well as a model and host. The 22-year-old actress, born in Seoul, made her debut in 2003,23 when she was only four years old. Thanks to her abilities, she is said to be the best child actress in Korea of ​​her time.
Kim Yoo Jung then continued her career as a teenage actress by starring in many drama titles, such as Dong Yi, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, and Angry Mom. Until now, he is actively starring in various drama titles, the last of which is Lovers Of The Red Sky in 2021.
6. Kim So Hyun
Kim So Hyun was born in Australia on June 4, 1999, and is currently 23. This South Korean actress, host, and model started her career at seven and slowly gained success in 2012 through her roles as the evil young queen-to-be in the dramas Moon Embracing The Sun and Missing You in 2013.
The Korean media even dubbed Kim So Hyun as the Nation’s Little Sister, Queen of Child Actresses, Goddess of Historical Drama and Dewi Sageuk because of her success in her career since childhood.
7. Jung In Sun
Jung In Sun’s name is slowly getting known through his role in the comedy-drama Welcome To Waikiki. The 31-year-old actress turned out to have started her career when she was nine years old. Jung In Sun itself is synonymous with her role as a young mother in several dramas, such as My Secret Terrius and Secret Healer.
8. Lee Se Young
Lee Se Young started her career in acting when she was a child. The South Korean actress, born in Seoul on December 2, 1992, is famous for her roles in films called When I Turned Nine, Lovely Rivals, and The Wonder Years.
Thanks to her stunning acting, Lee Se Young has been awarded many times, the last being the Best Actress award at the MBC Drama Awards for her role in the drama The Red Sleeve. He also took home the Best Couple award at the same awards ceremony for his role in the drama of the same name, thanks to his actions with his co-star, Lee Joon Ho.



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