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They used to “love” the nation’s first love, but Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin have opposite love lines.

Lee Min Ho and Kim Woo Bin are the two most famous male gods on the Korean screen today. The two possess handsome faces and attract attention with their impressive roles and increasingly improved acting abilities.
Born in 1989, Kim Woo Bin started his career as a model. Not long after that, he entered the acting field and succeeded. Thanks to his great height, masculine face, and muscular body, Kim Woo Bin quickly made a strong impression every time he appeared on the screen.
Meanwhile, Lee Min Ho is 2 years older than Kim Woo Bin. Unlike Woo Bin, Min Ho has a beautiful flower-like appearance. He conquered female audiences because of his handsome looks and perfect body. Kim Woo Bin and Lee Min Ho once acted together in the movie “The Heirs,” released in 2013. At first, the two had a hard time getting along, but after working together, they became close. The timing is very good to complete the role.
Another coincidence between these beauties is that they both have a predestined relationship with “national first love,” Suzy. In 2016, Kim Woo Bin paired up with Suzy in work Uncontrollable Love. Thanks to the good chemistry of the main actor couple, the above film was a great success. As for Lee Min Ho, he once had a beautiful love story with Suzy. In 2015, the couple publicly dated and became the focus of media attention and fans. They thought they had a happy ending, but in the end, they decided to end their relationship in 2017 because they were too busy with work schedules.
Although Kim Woo Bin’s reputation is somewhat inferior to Lee Min Ho, in terms of love, Woo Bin seems to “eat off” the senior. Kim Woo Bin has a love story like a fairy with actress Shin Min Ah. They spent 7 years together. Woo Bin also, thanks to the encouragement of his girlfriend that he overcame nasopharyngeal cancer.
As for Lee Min Ho, he is still single after two failed love affairs with Park Min Young and Suzy. Recently, Korea’s top male beauty has spent much time on artistic activities. For many years, he did not confirm his love for any female stars.



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