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This baby is proof of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo’s reunion.

After 6 years since Descendants of the Sun, the charming couple Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo simultaneously re-appeared in 2022 with terrible TV projects. In addition to news about movie projects, the couple often leads hands-on hot searches with endless rumors of disbanding. After 3 years of “everyone going their separate ways,” netizens recently spread clear proof that Song Joong Ki – Song Hye Kyo are said to still not be out of love with each other.
The handsome male surnamed Song is known as the “beautiful in the egg” male god of Kbiz; the actor’s past images always cause a fever whenever they are leaked on social networks. On November 13, many Twitter accounts simultaneously shared Song Joong Ki’s childhood photos.
In the photo, the boy Song Joong Ki impresses with his naughty look, and his big round eyes look very smart. In particular, Song Joong Ki proved to have a star destiny from a young age with the ability to “take pictures” and not hesitate to face the camera lens.
According to the actor, at this age, he was scolded and slapped for breaking the fish tank at school. Besides, team games, especially football, did not make it difficult for boy Song Joong Ki.
The childhood pictures of Song Joong Ki caused a fever on social networks as soon as they were spread. In addition to giving a “rain of compliments” to Song Joong Ki’s cuteness, netizens also see this as clear evidence of the actor’s natural beauty, not thanks to the actor’s plastic surgery.
In addition, someone also discovered that Song Joong Ki’s childhood looks very much like his ex-wife – Song Hye Kyo. Even longtime fans of Song Hye Kyo almost made a mistake when quickly skimming the post without reading the caption.
Although this is just a coincidence, many people still believe that the Song-Song couple is still more or less predestined to each other. Despite being entangled with many objections from fans, some viewers still hold on to their notions, hoping that one day the couple will “rekindle their old love.” However, the two actors mentioned seem to be still focusing on their work, unaffected by the rumors of dissolving on social networks.



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