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This Beautiful Actress Claims to be Gifted with a Luxury Cellphone by Kim Woo Bin, So Lucky!

Kim Woo Bin has recently been widely discussed by the public after releasing a new film titled ‘Alienoid.’
The film was released on July 20 and immediately received enthusiasm from the fans.
The film ‘Alienoid’ itself tells about the opening of a two-dimensional portal that connects two ages.
That era is the era of the Goryeo Dynasty and the present.
The portal’s opening eventually wreaks havoc between two residents in different eras.
Besides Kim Woo Bin, several other artists starred in this film, such as Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, Seo Ji Sub, and child actress Choi Yu Ri.
Choi Yu Ri is one of the child stars who has appeared in many drama projects.
Now Choi Yu Ri takes part in the big screen film ‘Alienoid’ and competes in acting with her seniors.

Even though she is still a junior, this beautiful actress looks close to her co-stars.
On July 22, Choi Yu Ri showed her close relationship with Kim Woo Bin.
She posted some of the gifts she got from Shin Min Ah’s boyfriend through her Instagram account.
Choi Yu Ri wrote a caption in her Instagram photo upload.
She shared that Kim Woo Bin asked him about something she wanted as a graduation gift.
Then Yu Ri says that she wants a pencil case.
After the gift arrived, Choi Yu Ri was very surprised by what she got.
As it turned out, the man who she familiarly called Woo Bin’s uncle gave him a pencil case along with a luxury cell phone.
Choi Yu Ri was pleased and grateful for Kim Woo Bin’s attention.
In the statement, Choi Yu Ri thanked Kim Woo Bin for her generosity and kindness.
Choi Yu Ri then changed the front screen photo to a photo she took with Kim Woo Bin.
The photo of the two of them looks so familiar and warm.
In addition to the film ‘Alienoid,’ Choi Yu Ri has also played in several dramas such as Itaewon Class, To. Jenny, and The Soul-Mate.



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