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This is Jennie’s (BLACKPINK) journey to become a Kpop “fashion queen”.

Since The Album in 2020, BLACKPINK has not released any new music, but the girls still retain their charm, especially Jennie – who is highly famous in the fashion field.
According to SCMP, just by looking at Jennie’s Instagram, you can see how busy she has been in the past few months. Jennie actively models high-end fashion brands such as Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Gentle Monster…
She is constantly praised for her fashion sense and has even been nicknamed the “Living Chanel” for her devotion to this luxury brand.
Widespread influence.
Many audiences recognize the charm of BLACKPINK’s vocalist, and she even proves her influence when making simple items a “hot trend.” During her 2018 solo single performance, Jennie trended the hairstyle with multiple clips, making her face and appearance more attractive, fans calling it “Jennie style hairpin.” These are just simple briefcases, items that can be in the wardrobe of millions, but Jennie has created her style.
Bringing fashion to music.
Although widely recognized by fans as the “fashion queen” of Kpop, Jennie’s main job is as a member of BLACKPINK and as a singer. Therefore, she also incorporates fashion into her music.
In an interview with Elle Korea magazine, Jennie said that she always tries to express a message through her songs and fashion, trying to create a connection between music and music. fashion. In her Solo music video, Jennie combined more than 20 costumes for herself and the dancers. Each outfit has a different design that will reflect the female idol’s music changes.
Irresistible charm.
According to SCMP, the most apparent factor for Jennie’s success as a fashion icon is Jennie’s diverse style. Jennie has repeatedly proven that she can break with any style or concept from confident and charming. The audience can witness Jennie’s sexy and charismatic image during the performances, but when she leaves the stage, she also makes fans flutter with her cuteness and sweetness. According to Elle, Jennie’s difference and diversity are demonstrated when the female singer feels shocked when reviewing her performance. In addition to the charm, Jennie’s elegance is also the point that helps her “catch the eyes” of high-end fashion brands. She became the first Korean celebrity to model for high-end jewelry brand Boucheron. With such versatility, it’s no surprise that countless high-fashion brands love Jennie.



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