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This is Jimin BTS’s ARMY nickname, Chim Chim to Baby Mochi.

Jimin BTS from ARMY has a wide range of nicknames, including one that is seen to be amusing.
ARMY has its own moniker for its heroes in the BTS music group.
This seems to bring South Korean boy band fans even closer to their heroes.
Park Jimin aka Jimin is one of them with a distinctive moniker. From ARMY, he is known by the moniker Mochi.
However, you should be aware that Jimin BTS’s nickname is not simply Mochi! ARMY has given Jimin various more nicknames.
What are Jimin BTS’s distinctive nicknames? Here’s the specifics.
ARMY BTS Jimin’s Nickname
1. chim chim
The first is the call of Chim Chim. Jimin was given the moniker during the variety program American Hustle Life. At the time, members of BTS met their rap guru, James Tony.
Tony also referred to Jimin as Chim Chim. The moniker made such an effect on the ARMY that they nicknamed Jimin Chim Chim.
Jimin’s second unusual nickname is Dooly. Fans believe Jimin often puffs out his cheeks.
Because his physique resembles a South Korean cartoon character called Dooly, he was given this unusual moniker.
Then there’s ‘Ddochi,’ Jimin BTS’s one-of-a-kind moniker. Who would have guessed that this moniker arose while Jimin was in junior high school?
Jimin received the moniker due of his adorable puppy look. I’m overjoyed!
4.The Little Prince
The moniker The Little Prince comes next. The term first debuted in the BTS Love Yourself Serendipity teaser in 2017.
ARMY believes Jimin’s face looks like the character from the classic tale The Little Prince in the trailer. He was then given the moniker of this unusual name.
5.Baby Mochi
Another is Jimin’s nickname given by Baby Mochi. This is undoubtedly a well-known name among the ARMY.
The name describes Jimin’s face, which is as cute and plump as Mochi’s. It’s no surprise that this is the most well-known moniker among BTS fans.



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