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This is the advice given by fellow RM BTS leaders to ENHYPEN’s Jungwon.

ENHYPEN is a 4th generation Kpop group that is growing to become a popular group. Being in the same company as BTS is a blessing for the new generation group from HYBE (Big Hit Labels).
They not only received attention from the public but also had the opportunity to learn and interact directly with BTS members. A group that has a lot of experience in asserting itself with music products and overcoming adversity to achieve success. Among BTS members, leader RM is said to be very reliable because he is smart and has leadership skills.
When ENHYPEN’s Jungwon faced many difficulties after their debut, what advice did BTS’ RM give him?
This male idol has more than eight years of experience as the leader of BTS.
Now, he continues to share his secrets and sincerity with his juniors, including ENHYPEN’s leader Jungwon. Especially recently, on a Korean online forum, a Knet posted an article titled, ARMY Has everyone read this? Let’s see.
The OP reposted the interview with ENHYPEN leader Jungwon.
It is known that this happened during the press conference for the release of the mini-album vol.2 ENHYPEN BORDER: CARNIVAL on April 26. Therefore, the members of ENHYPEN chose BTS as the role model for the group
At the time, member Jay explained, “We all worked for our dreams while watching BTS. We respect them and want to be like them. We want to have not only achievements but also attitude as artists.”
In particular, leader Jungwon would also like to thank RM for helping him overcome the difficult time after his debut.
Jungwon shared, “After debuting, I had a phase of feeling like I was lost. RM then came to advise me on leadership.” “He said the leader is not someone who pulls in front of the other members, but someone who pushes behind the others resonates with me,” Jungwon continued.
“I still remember it to this day. I want to learn how to move forward with the members, creating chemistry between our dynamics while doing it,” said Jungwon.
Although Jungwon only revealed one sentence of RM, this sentence was so meaningful that it touched many netizens.
RM is not a leader who forces his members to do what he wants. Instead, he wants to stay behind BTS and push them forward.
RM’s thinking has received much approval from Knets, making them believe he is one of the wisest and most influential 3rd generation of Kpop leaders. RM is a leader who has led BTS until now; he is a leader who is very good at various things.



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