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This is the Astrological Prediction of the Two Based on Their Official Dating Status of IU and Lee Jong Suk

Due of relationship rumors, the public became interested in singer IU and actor Lee Jong Suk. Netizens are interested in learning about their astrological compatibility to find the ideal mate.
Astrology is known to make use of stars and other celestial bodies to make time-based predictions about events and human nature.
Taurus is IU’s zodiac sign and she was born on May 16th. Astrological forecasts claim that Taurus is obstinate. This zodiac sign’s inhabitants are thought to move gradually and slowly.
Jong Suk, however, is reportedly a Virgo, a sign that denotes a sensible individual. Also said to be a methodical perfectionist, which fits with Jong Suk’s largely prosperous career.
According to a report from Koreaboo on Friday, 6/1/2023, the connection between Virgo and Taurus is believed to be one of a faithful, full of attention, and passionate spouse who is interested in their partner’s interests and way of life.
Netizens anticipate that the two will have a happy ending to their romance because they think their idols can compliment one another, in addition to astrological forecasts.



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