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Throwback Blackpink Jennie And Twice Nayeon’s Friendship Days And Their Cool Vibes

BLACKPINK is a well-known K-pop girl group that is renowned for its upbeat and memorable music. The group is admired by a lot of well-known artists worldwide. The album’s performers are renowned for maintaining close relationships with other K-pop celebrities. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo, Rosé, Lisa, and Jennie have received praise from fans for making time for their friends despite their hectic schedules. However, on occasion, they display their friendship by sharing a screen.
Here is a look at them.
One of the sweetest exchanges that award shows have ever featured is between Jennie of BLACKPINK and Nayeon of TWICE!
Nayeon noticed Jennie cheering for her from the audience while she was on stage performing.
Even before they debuted as, Jennie and Nayeon were known to be close friends Including Jisoo and Lena, a former JYP trainee, they are all idols in their own groups.
For K-Pop performers, award events are always something to anticipate! Not only do their favorite idols receive awards and recognition for their efforts, but it has also developed into a location where the majority, if not all, of their favorite musicians congregate, making it inevitable that they will interact with one another.
When Nayeon saw her close friend dancing with her and receiving hearts from the audience, she couldn’t help but smile.



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