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Throwback Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy Dating, the actor has a crush and chases first, his treatment is shocking!

The love story of Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy is still a target for some fans. Some fans are still looking forward to the feedback between Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho. Ever had a love story? Who would have thought that there are still fans who don’t know the story of how Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy started dating. Launching from Koreaboo, the level of Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy was revealed directly by someone close to them. According to him, the film production staff knows a lot of information about the artists. They start from the stylish to the artist makeup artist who always provides information related to an artist. One of them is Lee Min Ho, known to have liked Bae Suzy first.
“Lee Min Ho has always liked Suzy,” said this insider.
Even Lee Min Ho always wanted to meet Bae Suzy by suggesting not to meet alone. But Lee Min Ho will also bring along his friends who are close to the former Lee Dong Wook. “And wanted to meet her through some mutual friends,” he continued.
However, Bae Suzy’s side respectfully refused this request from former Park Min Young. The rejection by Bae Suzy’s side was none other than because of concerns if the two were dating later.
Because Bae Suzy was worried that this would cause problems in the future.
Although Suzy herself is interested in dating and talking to Korean actors. However, this former Lee Dong Wook will always be careful of the scandals that will be created later.
Moreover, Bae Suzy cares about her family, which makes her very worried about getting caught in a scandal.
“Suzy also really cares about her family, so she is always careful about anything that can affect her family,” he said. Moreover, Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy have never been involved in a joint project. This makes the two of them not have the same friends in the Korean entertainment industry.
However, the two were connected in the end thanks to two close friends, Bae Suzy and Lee Min Ho. Since then, Lee Min Ho has openly pursued Bae Suzy very romantically. “Lee Min Ho finally got to meet Suzy and fall in love. Lee Min Ho continues to pursue her romantically.
The relationship that started with Oppa and dongsaeng eventually became a couple. Even when the two started dating, Bae Suzy always went into hiding for their relationship not to be discovered. It seems that Lee Min Ho treats Bae Suzy very special.
Therefore, the production staff who had worked with Lee Min Ho were surprised by Lee Min Ho’s actions. This is because Lee Min Ho is Korea’s top star, and his actions toward Suzy surprised the staff.
One is bodyguard Lee Min Ho who still accompanies Bae Suzy everywhere.
We have seen in @utyminho’s TikTok upload, which shows that the two still share the same bodyguard.



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