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Timeline To Blackpink Jisoo And Jennie’s Adorable And Wacky Friendship

Jisoo and Jennie have been quite outspoken about their relationship ever since Blackpink made their debut. There is a term for the couple among fans because they are so beloved! The lovely couple is referred to as “JenSoo,” a combination of both of their names.
Jisoo spent 5 years as a trainee and Jennie 6 years as a trainee for YG Entertainment. They adore animals. Jennie has two canines.
Same Ring
When the girls are not promoting expensive brands like Gucci and Cartier, they use accessories to show their affection. Jisoo and Jennie created complementary rings for each other in a Blackpink House reality episode.
Go On Dates
Jennie and Jisoo are frequently spotted together, especially if the party visits Japan. Even the group’s fans are now aware of their trip to Japan. They have worked at everything from restaurants to stuffed animal shops, aquariums, and pet cafes!
Went Out Together In An Airplane
The majority of K-pop groups’ time is spent traveling by air. Jisoo and Jennie have been open about how they get anxious on flights and find solace in sitting next to one another. Nobody can separate them! I dare you to try.
Always There For Each Other
Jisoo and Jennie went on vacation with Jisoo’s family when they were still trainees. Jisoo claimed in Blackpink’s documentary Light Up The Sky that Jennie takes excellent care of her despite the fact that she is older. Many fans adore the two because they are renowned for giving each other strength.



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