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Too Beautiful and Ageless, Song Hye Kyo was asked this question repeatedly in Paris.

Song Hye Kyo has been a hot topic of conversation among netizens.
This is because of Song Hye Kyo’s charming appearance while attending the luxury jewelry brand Chaumet in Paris.
Song Hye Kyo was invited to attend the Ondes Et Merveilles De Chaumet – New High Jewelry Collection event in Paris, France. Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife is known to be Chaumet’s brand ambassador for the Asia-Pacific region. At this event, a blogger met Song Hye Kyo. He also told of his meeting with the actress.
Quoting Kbizoom, Wednesday 6 July 2022, this blogger was assigned to take pictures and record videos of the guests who attended the event. The blogger was amazed and didn’t even think Song Hye Kyo was already 40 years old. The guests and people at the event also had the same thought. Even Song Hye Kyo very often received the question, “Is she 40 years old?” during her time in Paris.
The blogger also wondered how Song Hye Kyo’s beauty still radiated. Song Hye Kyo is known to have debuted in the South Korean entertainment industry 20 years. Song Hye Kyo has been recognized as the Goddess of South Korea since her role in the drama Autumn In My Heart.
Song Hye Kyo’s visual beauty has not changed from the past until now. No matter how many beautiful artists have debuted recently, Song Hye Kyo’s beauty remains irreplaceable. Many say, even though Song Hye Kyo is aging, her aura of beauty is even more mature and charming.
Not only beautiful, but Song Hye Kyo is also known as an actress with numerous awards. In 2017, Song Hye Kyo entered the 7th position on Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity list. Song Hye Kyo’s ranking in Forbes magazine rose the following year.
Her success in the world of acting has successfully penetrated the international scene. Song Hye Kyo was also dubbed a top Hallyu star.
Song Hye Kyo is currently in the process of filming for her latest drama, The Glory.
This drama will be her reunion with writer Kim Eun Sook after the drama Descendants of The Sun. Quoting Mydramalist, The Glory will tell the story of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo).
She was a victim of bullying at school and had to give up his dream of becoming an architect. For revenge, he becomes the homeroom teacher of the child who bullied her at school. In this drama, Song Hye Kyo will compete acting with young actor Lee Do Hyun. Who can’t wait for Song Hye Kyo’s comeback drama?



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