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Touching the reason Hyun Bin is considering going abroad for filming: Wants to be there to take care of when Son Ye Jin gives birth!

On November 10, Korean media reported that Park Jung Min, Jeon Yeo Bin, and the key staff of the film crew will depart for Latvia on January 20, 2023, to shoot outside. However, the male lead Hyun Bin is considering whether to go abroad. The reason why people needed clarification.
As it turned out, the actor was wondering about this schedule because his wife, Son Ye Jin, will give birth to her first child in December. Soon after, Hyun Bin’s management company also announced adjusting the actor’s schedule. And the exact departure date cannot be determined. He really wanted to be with Son Ye Jin when she gave birth to her first child. Previously, the media revealed that the couple’s first child is a boy and will be born in December.
This information made fans heartbroken, constantly calling Hyun Bin “the national husband.” Currently, Son Ye Jin is in the last months of pregnancy, and she is focusing on taking rest and taking prenatal classes. Both mother and baby are healthy.
The first child of the two stars is expected to inherit the beauty of their parents and become the most powerful baby in the Korean entertainment industry. Hyun Bin looks like a father pampering his son when he buys a limited edition super luxury stroller for $1000 (nearly 25 million VND) for his son. He also refused to be interviewed directly to avoid the risk of Covid-19 infection, affecting the health of his wife and children.



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