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Twenty Five Twenty One Theories and Predictions, Possibility of Bae Yi Jin Na Hee Do Sad Ending Makes you nervous.

The Korean drama Twenty Five Twenty One, which Korean drama lovers are hotly discussing, is approaching its final episode. Each episode of the Twenty Five Twenty One drama always makes the audience more curious.
At its broadcast, the drama Twenty Five Twenty One gave a glimpse of the sad ending right at the beginning of the episode.
In the drama Twenty Five Twenty One later, the daughter of Na Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) has the last name, Kim.
Suddenly this raises the assumption that his biological father is not Baek Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk). So, will there be a hidden story of the last name ‘Kim’ that has not been revealed?
Launching from kbizoom Sunday (20/3/2022), here are various theories from the drama Twenty Five Twenty One.
The drama Twenty Five Twenty One tells the story of 1998, amid the MF financial crisis, when the dreams and ambitions of young people were crushed and snatched away. Twenty Five Twenty One is a story woven between the past and the present, and the big question about Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin is, “Will their story end together?”
Although many signs suggest that the two will separate at the end of the story, a beautiful and happy ending is possible because the writer still directs that Baek Yi Jin is the husband of Na Hee Do, Kim Min Chae’s father. The ending theory of the drama Twenty Five Twenty One, which has a happy ending, is also not without reason because there is a possibility that Baek Yi Jin was adopted, and Baek’s name is not his real last name. Previously in episode 5, during a scene at the station, a police officer informed that about two years ago, in 1996, Baek Yi Jin’s father created a company and named his second son Baek Yi Hyun who was then 14 years old.
There are several theories from drama lovers; when Baek Yi Jin’s father founded a company under the name of his second son, usually in the life of a father starting a company by naming his eldest son. Several questions arose whether Baek Yi Jin was not his biological son? It could also be that there are other hidden intentions of the theory. From that theory, netizens speculated that Baek Yi Jin’s real last name might have been Kim, coincidentally the same as Kim Min Chae’s daughter’s last name.
In addition, based on the conversation between Na Hee Do and Kim Min Chae in episode 7, it seems that Min Chae’s father is abroad. Baek Yi Jin is currently working as a reporter; he may become a reporter serving overseas.
As long as Baek Yi Jin was adopted and changed his last name, all of these theories would seem plausible.
Another sign shows that the words are written on Na Hee Do’s sword, and the words Min Chae’s father wrote for his daughter are very similar.
But it doesn’t matter whether this drama will have a sad or happy ending.
You better just enjoy the drama as comfortably as possible, OK!
Twenty Five Twenty One is still good to watch with the delivery of positive messages; that’s why this drama is recommended to watch to accompany your weekend.



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