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TWICE rose strongly, Blackpink disappeared on the Kpop race.

TWICE is a hard-working K-pop girl group that constantly releases music products and shows. Thanks to their constant creativity and serious activities that have helped their names increasingly gain a foothold in the public’s hearts.
Most recently, TWICE has officially surpassed Blackpink to establish the most significant achievement for a Kpop girl group.
Specifically, recently, TWICE has successfully held 7 shows 4TH WORLD TOUR ‘III’ in 5 major US cities with the participation of more than 100,000 spectators. This number helps the group become this K-pop group with the most popular North American tour and the first and only girl group in history to reach the milestone of 100,000 people.
In terms of Kpop alone and TWICE, only BTS is the group that has achieved this achievement.
As for Kpop girl groups, TWICE officially surpassed Blackpink’s achievement when the “In Your Area World Tour” tour of 4 YG girls only reached 75,597 spectators.
Before being broken the record by TWICE, Blackpink was the female representative holding the record of the number of concertgoers in North America, precisely 75,597 people with In Your Area World Tour.
Previously, TWICE’s focus on releasing songs that hit the US market made many people skeptical about the 9 girls’ ability. Because of style, TWICE is more suitable for Asian countries such as Japan, Korea… However, with the above achievement, TWICE is making a huge step forward in the journey to conquer the global audience. bridge.



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