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TWICE’s Jihyo Was Surprised by Kim Sejeong’s Nature, Turns Out This Is The Reason.

TWICE’s Jihyo recently uploaded a Vlog while she was on vacation with Sejeong.
As is known, Jihyo and Kim Sejeong had a vacation together on Jeju island.
They spent a backpacker-style vacation there and stayed at her brother Kim Sejeong’s house.
Jihyo captured the moment in her vlog.
Jihyo said she was surprised by Kim Sejeong’s extroverted nature with a different MBTI.
When she and Kim Sejeong ate at the bar, Kim Sejeong invited the owner to sit with them.
“When I’m not filming, Sejeong, who is super extroverted, asked the owner, a woman, to see if it was possible to sit with us,” she said.
This confused the introverted Jihyo about how Kim Sejeong could invite the cafe owner to sit with them.
It turned out that Kim Sejeong wanted to know about life there and how she was able to set up a bar there.
“Let’s ask! How did she start surfing, or who did she surf with? How did he decide to open this bar?” Sejeong said.
After hearing Sejeong’s words, Jihyo finally knew and learned how extroverts start to socialize.
“Sejeong is very curious about other people. I learned how extroverts socialize on this trip.”
Even though they have different traits, they can be friends and understand each other well.



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