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Until Banned, This is Song Hye Kyo’s Movie with the Most Bed Scenes.

Song Hye Kyo’s beautiful face has successfully bewitched drama lovers in the world to watch her latest works. In a career in the film world, Song Hye Kyo has starred in many Korean films and dramas.
Song Hye Kyo is also known as one of the beautiful, gentle, and kind artists.
With various films and stories, Song Hye Kyo has successfully acted in various scenes in the film professionally, one of which is the bed scene.
Most recently, Song Hye Kyo has had a hot scene with her co-star in the Korean drama; Now We Are Breaking Up, Jang Ki Yong.
This drama is also a conversation because they also have kissing scenes for a long time.
However, one film is considered to have many bed scenes played by Song Hye Kyo; reporting from KBIZoom, the following summarizes the mimin.
Fetish 2008
The film Fetish, released in 2008, has become the drama with the most bed scenes in Song Hye Kyo’s career.
In this film, Song Hye Kyo had to shoot several bed scenes with two male stars and female actors.
After being screened at several film festivals overseas with too many open and sensitive scenes overseas, Fetish was banned in Korea.
As the title suggests, Fetish itself is decorated with many plot holes and a storyline.
Sophy’s mystical background is one of them. Then there is the part where a supporting character briefly revealed Soohy’s past.
The story, which then ends with the end of the character’s period, tells the audience.
Sohn also briefly touched the sexual plot, but it was never presented in a portion that made this part seem interesting.
The only attraction of Fetish is in Song Hye-Kyo’s appearance.
South Korean top model and actress known for being very strict in choosing the films she will play.
Fetish is the first time that Song is presently playing a character with a manipulative characterization and a very high sex appeal. Manipulative?
Song can easily do that. However, it must be admitted it is tough to erase the image of Song, which is already formed as a girl next door.
When she saw him trying to show off his sexual attractiveness.
Hye Kyo has not failed at all her acting skills are the best part of Fetish.
It’s just that the role of the seductive Sophy is too unbelievable to be played by a Song Hye-Kyo who has a (too) sweet and innocent face.



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