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Unveiling Bias and Inaccuracies: Controversial ‘Gal’ Broadcast on Fifty Fifty Examined.

YouTuber Lee Jin-ho, a former entertainment reporter, has dissected the recent controversy surrounding the SBS program ‘I Want to Know That’ and its biased coverage of the K-pop girl group Fifty Fifty. In a video titled “Intensive analysis of the Fifty Grale broadcast… Who broke the wings?”, Lee Jin-ho pointed out several critical issues with the broadcast.

The controversy stems from the portrayal of Fifty Fifty members as victims without properly verifying facts. Lee Jin-ho highlighted the misconception about an “embargo,” clarifying that there was no embargo regarding the core data for Fifty Fifty. He also disputed claims about members’ debts, asserting that these debts aren’t carried by members after leaving the agency.

Lee Jin-ho questioned the validity of statements made by the “attract whistleblower” in the program, revealing contradictions in the information presented. He also criticized the lack of evidence supporting grievances like CCTV monitoring and forced dieting, suggesting that these claims were not substantiated.

The video further challenged Director B’s statements regarding profit distribution and trademark registration. Lee Jin-ho presented evidence that contradicted the profit-sharing model proposed and revealed that trademark rights had been individually registered by Fifty Fifty members earlier.

The controversy intensified due to ‘Gal’s’ apparent bias towards Fifty Fifty, resulting in criticism from viewers who perceived the broadcast as one-sided. The former CEO’s absence from the interview also fueled allegations of skewed reporting.

Lee Jin-ho’s analysis has opened a discourse on the responsibility of media to ensure accurate and unbiased reporting. The ‘Gal’ episode’s impact on the public perception of Fifty Fifty and its members underscores the significance of fair journalism in the entertainment industry.

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