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Unveiling the Harrowing Ordeal: BJ Bitberry’s Tale of Confinement and Assault.

Internet personality Bitberry, widely recognized for her online broadcasts, recently revealed a distressing incident through her personal Instagram account. In an emotional statement, Bitberry, whose real name is Cheon Ye-seo, opened up about a horrifying experience of being confined and assaulted.

On the 17th of this month, Cheon Ye-seo, known by her online moniker Bitberry, took to her Instagram to share a heartfelt message with her followers. She expressed remorse for causing worry and distress among her audience due to the recent controversies that had emerged on social media platforms.

Cheon Ye-seo disclosed that she had endured three excruciating days that felt like a living nightmare. She expressed her inability to divulge all the details of the circumstances at the moment due to ongoing investigations. Her statement addressed the concerning posts that had appeared on her social media accounts.

Bitberry recounted the terrifying events that unfolded on the 13th, revealing that she was physically assaulted and forcibly confined by an assailant. During the agonizing ordeal, her cell phone was stolen, and her captor took control of her social media activities. She was held captive with her hands and feet bound until the early hours of the morning.

Addressing the misleading posts that appeared on her Instagram, Bitberry clarified that even though a seemingly optimistic post had been shared on the 14th, showing her smiling, it was not her doing. She asserted that she was still bound and incapacitated during that time, and the content was fabricated by the perpetrator. The situation took a turn when the perpetrator was eventually apprehended by authorities.

In her statement, Bitberry expressed her sincere apologies for causing concern and assured her audience that she would provide updates once she regains her stability and resolves the situation. She closed her message by expressing gratitude for the support she has received from her followers.

Bitberry has been no stranger to controversy, as she previously faced backlash over the broadcasting of her ex-husband’s self-harm attempt in 2021, which ultimately led to her divorce.

This chilling revelation from Bitberry sheds light on the often unseen struggles that online personalities may face. The incident serves as a reminder of the need for empathy and support within the digital community. As Bitberry strives to overcome this traumatic episode, her courage in sharing her story may inspire others to come forward and seek help in similar situations.

Below is the full text of Vitberry’s Instagram post.

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