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Unveiling the Mystery: Why Song Joong Ki Held Such Resentment Towards Song Hye Kyo After Their Divorce.

In 2019, following Song Joong Ki’s divorce filing with Song Hye Kyo, he took a surprising step by selling their Seoul honeymoon home for a price lower than what he had reportedly invested. This swift and decisive move, coupled with Song Hye Kyo selling her shared residence at a loss, left many speculating about the true extent of their animosity.

The couple, affectionately known as the “Song-Song” pair, had initially captured the public’s hearts through their on-screen chemistry in “Descendants of the Sun.” Their real-life relationship blossomed quickly, leading to a highly anticipated wedding that seemed to promise a lifetime of happiness.

However, their marriage lasted only two years before quietly coming to an end, with Song Joong Ki failing to inform Song Hye Kyo personally, leaving her to discover the news through the media. This abrupt conclusion to their union fueled rumors and speculations about the reasons behind their divorce.

While Song Hye Kyo attributed it to personality differences, Song Joong Ki’s actions hinted at a deeper underlying issue. Fans and onlookers criticized both parties for alleged infidelity, leading to the inevitable separation. Some even speculated that Song Joong Ki’s controlling nature in managing Song Hye Kyo’s relationships with male co-stars played a role in their separation.

Song Hye Kyo, a nearly three-decade veteran of the entertainment industry, has always managed to stay in the spotlight, both for her talent and her personal life. However, her fame has also attracted its share of controversies and rumors. Fortunately, she has consistently proven her mettle and talent, most recently with her impressive performance in the recent release “The Glory.”

As for Song Joong Ki, he now enjoys a contented life with his wife, Katy Louise Saunders, and their newly arrived child, putting his past with Song Hye Kyo behind him.

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