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UPDATE Showtimes of Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun’s New Drama ‘The Glory’!

UPDATE Showtimes of Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun’s New Drama ‘The Glory’!
In this article, there is information regarding The Glory’s updated broadcast schedule.
The Korean drama The Glory will star Song Hye Kyo, Lee Do Hyun to Wi Ha Joon.
Kdrama The Glory has even become one of the most anticipated Korean dramas.
For that, find out the latest broadcast schedule by reading the following article to the end.
Who doesn’t know Song Hye Kyo?
Song Hye Kyo is a South Korean senior actress who has been very famous since the 2000s.
Now in the latest news, Song Hye Kyo will compete acting with Lee Do Hyun in the Korean drama titled The Glory.
Not only with Lee Do Hyun, we will also witness Wi Ha Joo’s charm in this drama.
The following is a complete synopsis of Kdrama The Glory as quoted from Asianwiki.
The Glory tells the story of the revenge story of a high school student who dreams of becoming an architect.
In this drakor played by a beautiful and senior actress Song Hye Kyo.
The girl is a victim of high school violence perpetrated by her friends.
The bullying made him drop out of school because of bullying.
Then as an adult she plots revenge on her tormentors as well as the bystanders who did nothing.
Now she was waiting for her leader of torture to marry and have children.
The woman who was once a victim of violence at school is now the homeroom teacher of her child who tortures her.
Her ruthless plot of revenge begins in earnest.
Launching from reliable info, The Glory drama can be watched on the Netflix streaming service.
The Glory will air with a number of short episodes of 8.
It is estimated that The Glory will air on December 20, 2022.
So, that was the information regarding the update schedule for the latest drama ‘The Glory’, Song Hye Kyo and Lee Do Hyun.



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